List of Programs

The list below includes current and former programs implemented and/or sponsored by the Coalition.

The Coalition has been active in advocating for smoke-free beaches and piers in the beach cities. Second-hand smoke kills 50,000 non-smoking Americans each year and tobacco litter creates the most significant amount of litter on our beaches. Cigarette butts may seem small, but with several trillion littered every year the toxic chemicals add up fast!

Through our monthly column, Parenting 101, in the Beach Reporter newspaper, the Coalition advocates for more parental awareness and involvement. The parent questions are responded to by coalition members who are experts in parenting and substance abuse issues and topics include, substance abuse prevention, discipline, bullying, family dynamics and much more.

The Coalition partnered with the California Alcopops Coalition working to have sweetened alcoholic beverages popular with youth re-categorized as distilled spirits rather than beer in order for them to be taxed at a higher rate which will result in reduced access for youth.

“the future is watching” – our social media outreach campaign was developed to help remind parents and other adults that our kids are watching us all the time—we are their role models—and they are our future.

Wilderness Challenge
This program, for at-risk high school students, includes 10 weeks of group counseling, a one-day ropes course, and a 3-day wilderness challenge. The experience also provides lots of group counseling, team-building, and trust-building exercises.


This booklet offers parents a practical and easy-to-use guide to provide information that is helpful in preventing the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs by youth. Some subjects covered include, “Parties and the Social Scene,” “The Negative Effects of Substance Abuse,” “Legal consequences,” and “Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse.” To order, contact us at:

Youth Summit Day
An event for middle-school age youth to help them transition into high school. The event offered peer counseling sessions to provide an opportunity for the participating students to ask questions about high school and what to expect. The day also included interactive theater performances dramatizing the pitfalls of substance use, peer pressure, and more.

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