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Calif. Bill Would Ban Self-Checkout Alcohol Sales to Curb Teen Drinking

California should outlaw the sale of alcohol through self-checkout machines by passing a new bill, Marin Institute said in an action alert sent out Sept. 7.

Marin Institute said the machines make it too easy for minors to get alcohol.

Marin Institute cited studies by UCLA and San Diego State University that found that one in three students using self-checkout machines were not asked for ID, and that the machines “failed to operate properly almost 10% of the time when alcohol was scanned.” A separate study showed that it was possible 70% of the time to scan soda pop and then put beer in the grocery bag instead.

The bill, AB 1060, would require that alcohol be sold in person, and is supported by law enforcement organizations, MADD, and others. It has been passed by the state Senate and Assembly, and now awaits the signature of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Marin Institute wants voters to let the governor know they support it.

Original article from Join Together.

Calif. Toughens Law on Adults Who Let Kids Drink

California passed new legislation that holds adults legally accountable if they permit minors to drink in their homes, the Associated Press reported Aug. 19.

Under the new law, adults will be subject to civil lawsuits in the event of an injury or death resulting from underage drinking if they allowed the drinking to occur. Providing alcohol to minors was already illegal in California, but civil action was prohibited.

Establishments licensed to sell alcohol are exempt from the legislation.

Original article from Join Together.