Phone App Allows Drinkers To Track Consumption

The U.K. health ministry has released a software application for iPhone and Windows phones intended to empower users to keep better track of their drinking, the BBC reported Dec. 1.

The free Drinks Tracker app generates graphs based on individual alcohol consumption and advises users when they should cut back on drinking. Available from the National Health Service’s Choices website, the software was released as part of the government’s Know Your Limits campaign to promote responsible alcohol use.

“It is all too easy to lose track of how much you drink. So as the festive parties build up, this innovative tool will help people keep tabs on their drinking — wherever they are,” said U.K. public-health minister Gillian Merron. “Sticking within the recommended limits means you reduce the risk of serious conditions such as mouth cancer and strokes.”

For those without Web-enabled phones, the NHS offers a text-messaging service with advice on moderate drinking.

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